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"The Number One thing you need to make money Online is a List. With MyMegaList, you not only get to build and mail to your list for free... but you also get other people to build your list for you! Nothing's better than that.

Join today, build your list fast, and enjoy the benefits of a Mega List now."

Dustin Struckman

"Mike you are a genius. I don't know how you come up with all these ideas of traffic generation.

This program offers serious results for serious participants. I've been building my mailing list for the last 8 years and understand difficulties with finding new leads and keeping them. Your program is so easy to implement yet so powerful."

Bogdan Fiedur

"Hi Mike,

I have seen and tested many list builders and I can tell that your's is one of the best.

What I like about it is that this is NOT safe list. Those are real people with real email addresses you mail to.

Keep up coming up with good products."

Cody Moya

"Hi Mike

Finally someone came up with a way to grow a list effectively and fast and without hassle. I signed up as a pro member as soon as the site was live. No one can have enough lists and now, at last, there is one that is free and grows itself like a weed. I like to mail a lot, and the pro price is ridiculously low.This is nothing short of brilliant. You have done it again. Another winning site. Thank you."

Jane Mark

"Mike G, you've done it AGAIN!! You never cease to amaze me.

The MyMegaList concept is nothing short of incredible. Thank you so much for leading the way for the aspiring Internet marketer who wants to (but may not "really" know how) earn a nice living from home. And for some, even retire early.

You are right on, a good "list" is KING! And you make it possible for virtually anybody to build a nice list."

Nick Hetcher

"Dear Mike,

Frankly I didn't care what MegaList was, if you did it and I could get in on it, I knew it would be good, so let me join and I'll find out about it later!

So I did join, and found out you had just created the "Bomb" on getting a huge list that gives me a fantastic advertising advantage and real online money maker, over anything I have ever had, before you did this.

I was talking to my wife last night and told her, "Honey, there are some really smart people on the internet turning out some good stuff"... You just proved my point in aces!

I can't wait to use this sytem! I will be telling my internet friends and customers, because I can easily see how the MegaList will fix it so that any person at any level of internet experience get more traffic and customers to any website they want!!!

Thank you Mike! Wow! And it's FREE? Are you Kidding? Wow!"

Paul Darby
President Unimax Services Corporation


All I can say is WOW! MyMegaList is such a great concept! It's going to really help tons of marketers build Huge lists and be able to promote their offers. We all know that building a list is the #1 most important aspect of Internet marketing, and you just rewrote the book on it! I'm glad to be a part of it, and I'll share it with everyone I know."

Brett Ingram

"Hi Mike,

I believe that traffic generation is one of the most important aspects of the Internet marketing process. I authored a book on 101 Ways of driving traffic to any web sites titled, "EXPOSED!" Now that you revealed this revolutionary viral marketing strategy, I may have to to update my book to 102 ways...

You always amazed me with you creative ideas. You have another winner here with My Mega List. Well done!"

Richard Quek

"Hi Mike,

Okay, I'm a little envious :-) MyMegaList has to be the perfect list building solution, and I'm glad you asked me in on this ground floor opportunity.

As you know, that is what I do ... I build large lists and help others build large lists. MyMegaList is, and will be, a major advancement in mega list building systems and will go at the top of my list building arsenal.

My PowerShift Loop members are gonna gonna eat this one up.

I've promoted with you for a long time now, and each and every time, it gets better. MyMegaList is no exception.

What else can I say, you've hit the nail on the head... build a Mega List, build it fast, build it easy, and build it for free. Sounds about perfect to me.

Thanks Mike!"

James Andrews
The PowerShift Loop

"Hi Mike, I have found you MyMegaList to be an indispensable tool for our team.
It is simply the best thought out and executed mailing list builder
out there.

And it is free. I still can't believe how well it is working out."

Steven BerkHolz
The Income Team





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