Once you sign up for your free account, you can start building your list immediately!

Just use our professionally crafted proven marketing materials to introduce your mega list to your associates, subscribers, and site visitors. (Available inside your account manager.)

Then, you'll be able to log in to your account and once a week type or paste an email message in text (or HTML!) to the member mailer, and just click send to mail it to your entire list! We manage all the bouncebacks, undeliverables, and remove requests... you just mail! It's easy!

And you can send an email of practically any size. However, prudent marketers realize that an email message of more than 2 to 4 pages (should you print it out) is probably too long to keep the attention of your prospect.

You can even PERSONALIZE all your messages... with your subscriber's name, email, or whatever... all with easy to use "tags" you just drop in your email message wherever you want! We manage the database for you too... all you ever need to do is mail your messages... we take care of all the rest!

And, if you're worried about everyone signing up with bogus email addresses or throwaway mailboxes that never get checked, then don't! Our exclusive email-based verification process on sign-up and outgoing messages means that every member is required to have a valid email not only at sign up, but also for ongoing participation. Therefore, every subscriber's email box will be checked on a periodic basis!

And speaking of deliverability, we've even incorporated a built-in "spam check"... a single mouse click generates a report of your message's spam score, thus ensuring your emailing has the highest deliverability possible.

Oh, did we mention it's FREE!?! ;)

Leveraging your list... big time

Having your own free commercial mailer is a pretty big deal all on its own... many companies charge hefty monthly fees for services that don't even include all the features we offer. But what makes the MyMegaList program truly mind-boggling is your ability to LEVERAGE your direct referral subscribers into a huge MEGA list of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands strong!

See, not only can you mail to everyone who has signed up on your subscriber list, you can also mail to anyone in your entire "group"... 5 full levels deep. And you can do this once per WEEK! This means that you will automatically be mailing to everyone you enrolled, everyone they enrolled, everyone that level enrolled, and so on, for five tiers! Can you see how big this can get? No? How about an example...

Let's say you tell just 3 people about the awesome benefits of MyMegaList. And then, through the unique "auto viral" aspect of this program, those 3 people tell three people each, and so on. After 5 tiers of this, your organization would look like this:

Level 1
3 Members
Level 2
9 Members
Level 3
27 Members
Level 4
81 Members
Level 5
243 Members
363 Members


That's 363 people you can mail to with the click of a mouse once a week, every week! And YOU only told 3 people about it! Can we GUARANTEE you and everyone in your downline will enroll three people each? No. But, remember, this is a completely free program! You aren't going to need to get the word out to very many people to get three enrolled! It is, essentially, a bare minimum number for those who do anything with this! So, you don't even really need your own list to get started... MyMegaList will actually build it for you!

But you can easily refer more than three people. Each of your "levels" in your group is actually of unlimited width, so you can refer as many people as you want (and so can they!) So now, instead of the bare minimum of three, let's say you enroll SEVEN people into your Mega List. Seven is still pretty conservative for a completely FREE program... And let's say each of those 7 also enrolled 7 people into each of their own mega lists. And each of those also enrolled 7 people and so on for your five levels.

That would look like this:

Level 1
7 Members
Level 2
49 Members
Level 3
343 Members
Level 4
2,401 Members
Level 5
16,807 Members
19,607 Members


That is 19,607 subscribers you get to mail to every single week! And you only referred seven subscribers yourself! Want to run the example with 10 referrals each? (That'd be a whopping 111,110 subscribers!) Or 20? I won't even do the math on that one, because frankly, you wouldn't believe the numbers!

That, my friend, is leverage!

Sign up here!

Six Degrees of Separation

The social scientists, the people who study this stuff, tell us there are only six degrees of separation between every human being on the planet. Which means everyone you "know" and everyone they "know" and everyone they "know" six levels deep would equal every person alive.

Another way to think about it is:

If you wanted to get in touch with someone, anyone, you don't have an inside track to, is to just tell everyone you know and ask them to tell everyone they know, etc. And, theoretically you would reach that person.

Well guess what?? That's exactly how MyMegaList works. The only difference is we are 5 levels of separation... but still a LOT of like minded people you can reach. And it's free! Life is good.

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"Pro" Membership - Triple the fun!

If sending to your entire subscribers once per week isn't enough for you, then going Pro is a must!

See, when you upgrade to Pro, you can mail to your entire group not once, not twice, but THREE times every week. You get the same mega list building ability, the same easy to use web based mailing interface, but you can mail three times as often!

So, even if you don't have your own product or service you are currently offering, the 'net is jam-packed with affiliate programs... you can mail others offers three times per week and earn hefty commissions just by sending out your messages through MyMegaList. Or, even invite others into MLM/network marketing programs.

Think about that for a moment. The possibilities are truly limitless. You can even send offers on behalf of others where they pay a fee directly to you, you keep all the revenue, and you mail THEIR offers to your Mega List. That's completely up to you, and in fact, we encourage it!

And, you can offer JV partners access to your Mega List... No, don't let your partners log in, you just agree to mail their offers to your list and in exchange for them mailing your offer to their list... and you also can simply just pay each other commissions - powerful stuff!

And guess what? Pro membership is just a measly 10 bucks a month. That's it! (Note: We don't even make any profit on this token fee... since we offer the ability to send all your messages in text OR html, with the enormous amount of mail going through the MyMegaList system, our bandwidth bill looks like the national debt!) Not to mention our other costs of operation.

For only $10 monthly, you get to mail to your entire group an additional two times per week... which means an additional 104 times per year... Think about it. That's just $1.15 each time you mail! It just doesn't get any cheaper than that anywhere online!

Now, before you go ahead and sign up as a Pro member, there is something you need to know. First, we are ONLY accepting a limited number of Pro members. Only 2% of total memberships are set aside for Pro status. That's it. We do not want to bombard our members with message after message and overclutter their inboxes! In fact, the only reason we are offering this enhanced position is to offset some of our enormous bandwidth costs. So once the Pro memberships are gone, they are gone. Period. In other words, we recommend you jump on this right now. Don't let the scarcity of these coveted positions cause you to miss out. There is nothing else like this on the net anywhere... the opportunity to not only build your own commercial mailing list, but also to have your own subscribers leverage your list into a gargantuan MEGA list! And for only $10, you simply cannot go wrong with this incredible opportunity! You must decide this now... as we will never allow upgrade to Pro later on.

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Earn Cash while building your MegaList!

NEW! In addition to the awesome viral marketing power of the MyMegaList list-building machine, you can also earn CASH... just by building your MegaList!

How does it work? Simple!... Anytime someone you refer upgrades to Pro Membership, we'll pay you a full $10 quickstart commission! It's that easy! And then, every single month that subscriber remains a Pro Member, we'll pay you a $2.50 residual commission! Month in, month out! Forever! For work you've done just once in sending us a new Pro member! Do you see how powerful this is? And it doesn't matter if you are a Pro Member or a Free Member... you can build a MegaList AND a residual income stream totally FREE! Just sign up, let us know where to send your commissions, and we'll take care of the rest!

Sign up here!

Getting started

So what now? Simply sign up here.

Select your level of participation. Remember, the "Pro" position only has limited spaces available... we expect in excess of 100,000 new members within just the first 90 days. 2% of that is only 2,000 Pro members! Don't wait thinking it will be available later - it will not. MyMegaList is structured in such a way that you will not be able to upgrade later. So get in on this incredible deal right now!



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